Partner Information


Walmart is our number 1 partner when it comes to offering food pantry services to families. We are very grateful for their continued cooperation in helping us make this operation a reality.

Thanks to you we were able to help over 800 million families thus far. From the bottom of The Burton Family's Heart we are very happy to have been able to collaborate with you!


Target has been of great help in offering us donations. Though we don't currently have food pantries within target, our team is working with Target and will soon make this a reality. The Burton Family Pantry will soon be located in every Target near you. Be on the lookout for new construction in your area. As an added bonus Target Pantry's will have an exclusive cash credit to be used in their stores.

Thank you for the donations you have provided us thus far, the more the merrier! We will never have a shortage of food to give out thanks to you. Together we can do great things and end hunger once and for all.


Albertsons is by far our number one source of bottled waters. If you are at a Burton Family Pantry, you can rest assured that the bottled waters you get from us are actually from Albertsons.

Thank you for the donations you have provided us thus far. It is thanks to you that all families, and individuals, get enough water for the week and no longer have to worry about buying water filters in tough times.

We have many partners and want them to know that we appreciate their help and love working with them. We do like to display our top donators every week and even offer a certificate for new partners that make it to the top 3.

Partner Incentives


Free Fruits*
Free Vegetables*
We Pay for construction
Monthly Cash Reward**

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By becoming a partner you are helping to feed people in dire need of sustenance. Rest assured, It is a great thing you are doing. You never know who is in need.

Note: Completing the sign up form does not confirm partnership. It is merely the first step in becoming partners and getting to know each other.

* The free food is for the pantry operation.

**The Monthly Cash Reward is based on the amount of people helped in addition to the costs of operation.