Our Mission

We are a family based non-profit that was struggling to make ends meet. We would often not have enough food in our kitchen for a filling meal.
We created this company to make sure families, and individuals, would never have to experience the same thing we did. Read more below

In 1995, Tim Burton and Sarah Burton could not afford to buy the necessary supplementation for their family, them and their three kids.
Not only was it stressful, but the feeling of constant hunger was reducing their quality of life. How was it that a family with two working
class adults could not afford to meet the basic needs for survival?

One night their daughter asked, "Mom, I wish we had a farm, that way we wouldn't have to buy the food." The rest was history.
Tim and Sarah, along with their kids, took up gardening in their spare time and even managed to get a local contract with grocery stores nearby.
Soon after they could afford a few acres and made it their mission to help others in need with the help of generous partners against diversity.

In our spare time, we Burtons would go to the local home depot and buy seeds and water them. This eventually led to an increase in size
to our garden. We had apple trees, tomatoes, potatoes, orange trees, banana trees, you name it! If it was in season we had it!

We would like to give a special thank you to Sarah's friend, Jasmine, who gave great gardening advice during the come up.